Laura is a writer, teacher, reader and chatterer. Occasionally she is an explorer, dancer and TV extra.

Stars Apart is her first novel. Crafted over five happy years, she was inspired by watching Elvis, while sitting beside her friend Tom. The euphoric fans got her thinking – they would do anything for him. They would marry him right there, on stage – and then what would happen? The legend of Eros and Psyche merged with these thoughts, and thus Stars Apart was conceived, a modern day myth for these celebrity obsessed times.

Ms Morgan studied English Literature in the University of Glasgow, where she spent blissful days reading stories, reading about stories, talking about stories and making up stories in her head. In Glasgow she added new loves (Angela Carter, A S Byatt and Ali Smith); to her formative loves: John Donne, Margaret Atwood, Pablo Neruda, Laura Esquivel, Nancy Mitford and anything with a shimmer of magic.

Obsessed by love and stories as soon as she could hold thoughts, Laura Morgan has been hooked on reading since she first free-dived into A Little Princess at the age of eight.

She lives in Belfast with her husband Anthony, where she can be found either writing in cafes, teaching in schools, walking along the river, or roasting in front of her parent’s fire.

She loves cooking and eating dinner, listening to anything on the piano, walking, watching music, the sea, making cakes, cycling on empty roads, John Donne and boxsets.

She has been known to write in the third-person.

2 Comments on “About”

  1. Hi Laura, nice to see you on stage. I’ll have to listen again as i didn’t understand everything but you definitively looked great.

    As I never ordered yet something on the internet, I’ll ask Dieter to do it for me, so I hope you’ll get some belgian readers.

    I wish you all the best, and by the way, I see you like cycling, You should join the cycling club,

    Remember, you, Anthony, as well as your parents, and the whole family of course will always be wellcome in Brussels.

    In memory of the Mont Blanc.


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